Let's Get Organized Projects List

Let's Get Organized: Projects

ByAnnie.com brings you a monthly pattern series based on the theme, Let’s Get Organized!

Not only will you have useful projects to organize your home, work space, and car, but you’ll learn useful skills and techniques to increase your sewing skill repertoire.

Learn how to make your own bias binding, create zippers of any length by adding zipper pulls to zipper tape, cover strapping with fabric to coordinate with your projects, sew with vinyl, make mesh pockets, and so much more!

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Stash and Dash

Month 1


Learn all the basics of bag making: how to work with ByAnnie’s Soft and Stable, mesh, vinyl, covered strapping, zippers, bias binding, and hardware.

Be sure to start your project with the right foundation: ByAnnie’s Soft and Stable will add support and stability and you'll love how easy it is to quilt your fabric with the Soft and Stable.


Learn to make three zippers out of one by sewing strategic stitches and attaching an extra pull. You're going to love that trick!

Discover the secrets of a professional finish as you learn to make and attach your own matching bias binding.

Learn to make an adjustable strap and attach a slider as well as how to round corners for a more professional finish.

Learn about tools that make sewing so much easier: rotary cutters and rulers, proper machine feet, bias tape makers (for zipper pulls), turning tools, stilettos, pressing tools, chalk markers, and more!

Stash and Dash is perfect for sewing supplies, a car emergency kit, EPP, toys, office supplies, or cosmetics — the options are limitless!

Nesting Baskets

Month 2


One can never have too many baskets!

In this class you’ll learn what sets ByAnnie’s Soft and Stable apart from other stabilizers.

We will use a double layer of Soft and Stable to make these baskets hold their shape and stay extra-sturdy. You'll love how easy it is to sew through the layers and turn everything right side out.

Learn to cut pattern pieces from a template, how to make perfect circles for the base and lid, and how to join pieces with curved edges.

Discover the best tools for marking lines to align the sturdy handles and vinyl label.

You’ll surely want a basket for every room and every occasion.

Ditty Bags

Month 3


Back in the days when America was a seafaring nation, apprentice sailors made their own ditty bag as part of their apprenticeship.

In the course of making the bag, these apprentices learned all the sewing skills they would need as a sailor: flat-felled seams, installing grommets, etc. And, they had a useful bag to carry all their tools and personal supplies when they went to sea.

Apprentice purse-makers will learn all the skills they need to make bags and purses as they make their own Ditty Bag.

Continue to practice quilting with fabric and Soft and Stable.

Learn to make and attach borders and handles, to attach a single-slide zipper, to sew along curved edges, and to make and attach bias binding.

Ditty Bags are perfect for any gender and any age. The three graduated sizes ensure that you'll be able to use them for anything and everything.

Project Bags

Month 4


Perfect for organizing everything you need for each of your projects, these handy totes in four sizes have sturdy quilted bases and fun fabric details.

Use the skills learned in the Stash and Dash project to improve your skills: quilting, sewing with vinyl, adding zippers, making and attaching stabilized straps, and binding a project.

Practice piecing and adding borders, too. You'll love the techniques for hiding all the raw edges of your seams.

The pattern includes complete instructions for four sizes of bags:  small, medium, large, and extra-large.

You’ll love this useful way to carry your projects-in-progress, organize toys, or travel with ease.

Needle Case & Wool Pincushion

Month 5


You’ll always have the right needle close at hand when you store them in these convenient cases.

These handy cases provides easy-to-locate, compact storage areas for needles of all types and sizes.

Laminate the handy chart (included in the pattern) for a quick reference guide to different types and sizes of needles, both hand and machine.

Learn to print labels on twill tape using your home printer. The secrets? Cotton twill tape and double-faced tape.

Here's a handy tip: Raid the closet or your local thrift shop to find a lady's wool skirt. Then use it to make your own felted wool  for these wonderful wool pin cushions. They are simply the best and make wonderful gifts!

Open Wide!

Month 6


These cute bags are not only stylish, but they are functional, too!

You'll love their design which allows them to open wide for easy access to all their contents.

Use them for to carry cosmetics or toys, to store makeup in your gym locker, or to organize lists and purchases while running around town.

Now that you've mastered our "normal" style of zipper installation, it's time to learn something new!

Open Wide! features a brand-new style of zipper installation as well as a different method of binding the edges of the zipper. This method not only finishes off the raw edges but also forms a great little grab handle.

Learn to make a zipper tab to finish the end of the zipper, too.

How will you use Open Wide?

Thread Dispenser/ Sewing Case 2.0

Month 7


You’ll have no more tangled jumbles of thread when you make and use these handy thread cases.

Special slots in each pocket enable you to easily thread a needle without removing the spools from their pockets and keep everything as neat as a pin.

Continue to perfect your skills of quilting fabric with Soft and Stable, attaching zippers, sewing with vinyl, and binding edges.

Then add some new skills:

Learn to sew with ultrasuede, the secret ingredient to keeping your threads in place.

Make a stretchy loop to close the case while allowing for expansion as it fills.

These cases are perfect for travel and can hold threads, sewing supplies, and more!

Just In Case

Month 8


Have you ever found yourself needing a nail clipper or bandages, but you have no idea where they are?

These handy cases in two sizes help you keep everything together in one compact, easy-to-locate place.

The small case can fit in the glove box of your car so is perfect to use as an emergency travel kit to hold first-aid supplies, flashlights, medications, and more.

The larger case can slip under the seat and hold maps, travel guides, car documents, warranties, and so forth.

This quick little project offers the perfect chance to review all that you've learned up to now:

  • quilting fabric with Soft and Stable
  • binding pockets with straight-grain binding
  • attaching zippers to mesh pockets
  • attaching zippers to vinyl pockets
  • rounding corners
  • making and attaching bias binding

It also adds a couple of new skills to your purse-making bag of tricks:

  • secrets to attaching invisible magnetic snaps
  • attaching borders and pockets in the proper order

You're sure to find the perfect use for these practical bags.

Power Trip

Month 9


A gift that is perfect for guys, Power Trip provides storage space for lots of electronic gear or other small gadgets and supplies.

Learn to make and attach a sturdy handle, to make inner zippered pockets, and how to easily bind mesh pockets with fold-over elastic.

Practice installing a double-slide zipper as you make a zipper side strip which allows the bag to open flat for easy access.

Continue to perfect your binding skills — this time everything is going to be visible on the outside of a bag. You can do it! You've had lots of practice.

Be prepared — your sewing skills are about to go to the next level!

All Aboard! Train Case Trio

Month 10


Take beauty on the go and look stylish while doing so!

Whether you’re globetrotting or touring closer to home, you’ll love these stylish cases for carrying cosmetics, jewelry, first aid supplies, and more.

You’ll learn how to sew a zipper on a curved edge — another new zipper installation style.

Discover how to finish the edges and stitch the binding to the bag to refine the shape of the train case. Though this is a bit more difficult, you've had lots of practice by now, so feel confident that you can accomplish this step with ease!

Practice really does make perfect!

Catch All Caddy

Month 11


A crowd favorite since its release, this over-sized, sturdy caddy has lots of easy-to-access slip pockets and dividers to hold and organize all your supplies.

You’ll be thrilled to learn how to make bellowed inner dividers. Their ingenious design allows the interior fabric dividers to be fully expandable yet to also be able to fall flat against the caddy when not in use.

This project also introduces a new style of handles which are padded with Soft and Stable and attached to the caddy using rectangle rings.

You will test your binding skills as you sew the binding on the bulky bottoms and curved edges and make the "grab" handles on the end. But you're an expert, so it's no problem!

Congrats on mastering these skills!

A Place for Everything

Month 12


For the final project in this year-long project series, we're going to tackle the mother-of-all-bags!

You’ll love this spacious organizer with lots of zippered pockets to hold everything you need— sewing machine feet and accessories, tools, and more.

You’ll take all skills you learned as you worked on the other projects and perfect them with this bag.

You'll also learn some new skills:

Expand on the zipper-making skills you learned in Project 1 as you learn to make zippers of any length using Zippers by the Yard.

Discover how to make expandable vinyl pockets which will hold larger items. You'll love the handy folding template included in the pattern.

Mesh pockets and bindings will be easy-peasy since you’ve mastered them in so many projects up to this point.

Learn the secrets to attaching hook-and-loop fastener to pocket pages.

Now, take a bow and show off your year's projects.

You've organized your supplies, made some fun gifts, and refined your skills. Kudos!

Playlist for all Projects

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