Quilty Box Introduction

Quilty Box & Stash and Dash


It is a great pleasure for us to present this special box built in collaboration with Quilty Box. We had a great time working with Patrick and his team to bring together the materials for one of our favorite projects, the Stash and Dash fold-over organizer.

Stash and Dash is a great quick project that can be used in many ways. We suggest making one to hold your sewing supplies, another for your cosmetics, and one more for office or art supplies that can quickly go in a purse or backpack. Stash and Dash is a versatile little bag and is infinitely customizable, since we also carry 48 colors of zippers and 7 colors of mesh, allowing you to use any fabric you choose.

Not a part of QuiltyBox yet?  Get the box for this project by clicking here! QUILTY BOX for MARCH 2016

Do you only want the pattern for this project? Join the fun and click here!  STASH AND DASH PATTERN