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SewPINK Contributor Page

Welcome to our #SewPINK Initiative Contributor page!

Fill out the form below to participate in our upcoming breast cancer awareness blog hop (October 2021). Feel free to leave any questions at the end of the form, or you can email us at [email protected]. We will be reaching out to you after the completion of the form to share more details in a couple weeks.

Beneath the form, we have a few ideas for blog post content to help jump start your imagination. As well, if you are interested in working with any of our products for your #SewPINK blog post we would love to assist you in the form of an appropriate donation.

Ideas to Spark the Conversation!

These are merely suggestions to get your brain thinking. Take inspiration from what our blog post contributors did last year, or try something new!

  • Tell a personal story related to your experience with breast cancer, or share encouragement/wisdom (see Brenda's post)
  • Sew a fun project and present resources/facts related to breast cancer awareness or screenings (see Angela's post)
  • Sew a fun project and host/participate in an auction where proceeds benefit a breast cancer research foundation of your choice (see Leslie's post)
  • Give a product review and share information on where your readers can access free cancer screenings; offer a prize for followers who share your post or answer a trivia question
  • Offer a free pattern to brighten someone's day (see Lynne Wilson's post or Amy's post)

Let Us Get You Started

Want to try out our Soft and Stable or use any of our products for your #SewPINK blog post? Let us know in the form above, or reach out to us later when you decide. We would love to send you a product donation to use.

Want to give away some of our products as a prize for part of your blog post? We're willing to donate. Here are some suggestions:

Have something else in mind? Let us know!