#SewPINK Lynne Wilson

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#SewPINK Lynne Wilson

October may be over, but we have more #SewPINK fun to share! Today we have a guest post and free wallhanging pattern from our great friend Lynne Wilson

Lynne Wilson's #SewPINK Blog

I was so excited to be a part of the ByAnnie #SewPINK Initiative that I jumped right in and said “Yes, I’m in” before realizing I don’t actually have a blog. Well, a little thing like that is not going to hold me back, so Annie allowed me to do my post on her blog. Great idea… problem solved! ByAnnie.com distributes my patterns in the US, so I was really grateful that we could sort this small detail out.

I live in a world full of wonderful women who sew and create amazing things. I meet them when I am teaching, when I visit quilt shops as a sales agent, and when I attend trade shows. I am often in a store when a class is on, and I always see and feel the friendships that come from sitting around the table sewing, talking, and sharing.

Keep talking about breast cancer, girls. It is so important that we share and be aware. We gain so much more than sewing when we gather to stitch. It is sharing and support that gets us through the difficult times.

I used to own a quilt shop that was quite well known. Someone once asked me what was the thing I was most proud of about the shop, and my reply was that I was most proud of the friendships that were made and the feeling of belonging that was created. So I truly believe that, if we keep supporting each other in the fight against breast cancer, we can make the road to recovery a little less painful.

I thought it would be a lovely idea to give this small floral wall hanging to a friend instead of a bunch of flowers. It will last forever and show her how much you care.

Take Care of You Pattern

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