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June 2020 Photo Contest Winners

We are so excited to announce the winners of June’s Photo Contest! Take a peek and get inspired by beautiful photos and maker stories!

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May 2020 Photo Contest Winners

We are so excited to announce the winners of May’s Photo Contest! We had a very difficult time choosing winners since there were so many incredible submissions. Take a peek and get inspired!

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Let's Be Real (Studio Tour)

We were invited by Gudrun Erla and Terry Atkinson to take part in their 'Let's Be Real' studio tours. See where Annie creates!

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"Inspired By FreeSpirit": Beautiful Bindings

Annie and FreeSpirit Fabrics team up for the final 'Inspired by FreeSpirit' LIVEstream together! Learn all about sewing smooth, wrinkle-free bindings while managing bulk, extra layers, and more...

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"Inspired By FreeSpirit": Handles & Straps

"Inspired By FreeSpirit": Handles & Straps

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April 2020 Photo Contest Winners

We are so excited to announce the winners of April’s Photo Contest! We had so many great photo submissions this month we had a hard time choosing winners...

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"Inspired by FreeSpirit": Zippers Are EASY!

Did you catch our 'Inspired by' Facebook LIVEstream with FreeSpirit Fabrics? If you didn't, we have the video here (and on our YouTube channel), so you can join in on the fun. Time to master the art of zippers... it's easier than you think!

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"Inspired By FreeSpirit": Colorful Coordinates

Welcome to our second blog featuring the ‘Inspired by FreeSpirit’ Facebook Live Events! Be sure to watch the video to learn all about how we choose colors and coordinates for making beautiful bags with FreeSpirit Fabrics. We've compiled a few further resources to help you learn just a little more ab

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"Inspired By FreeSpirit": Trunk Show

Want a little more 'Inspired by FreeSpirit' to get you through the week? We compiled the models you saw in the ByAnnie+FreeSpirit Virtual Trunk Show from April 23rd, 2020 so you can peruse them at your own leisure. And if you didn't watch the trunk show, we have that video here for you, as well!

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March 2020 Photo Contest Winner

We are so excited to announce the winners of March’s Photo Contest! We took the past month off to revamp our system and give bigger and better opportunities for everyone submitting. Get inspired to sew by this month's stunning photo submissions...

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Creative Events - April 2020

Welcome to our ‘Creative Current Events’ blog post, where we share just a bit of what’s hot and happening within our creative circles. This month we have a variety of topics to hit on, from interviews to sew-alongs to coloring book pages.

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Introducing: Call Me

Fast, functional, and easy to make, Call Me is a convenient name tag/cell phone holder that proves a perfect companion to quilt shows, guild meetings, conventions, and more.

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