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Introducing: Switchback

Get the details on our new satchel pattern! Be sure to watch the fun, informational videos for ideas and inspiration.

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Influencer Tour: Enchanted

We are so excited to show off Valori Wells' new FreeSpirit Fabric line, "Enchanted," on a number of our favorite projects! Get ready to get inspired!

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March 2021 Photo Contest

Congratulations to the winners from March's photo contest! Get inspired by their stories and fantastic creations!

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Introducing: Double Zip Gear Bag 2.0

Get the details on one of our latest pattern updates! Be sure to watch the fun, informational videos for ideas and inspiration.

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Introducing: Mesh Fabric Color Sample Pack

We are so excited to officially announce our Mesh Fabric Color Sample Pack! There are so many choices to make when choosing colors for a project and this flip-book of mesh fabric color swatches will be just the thing to have on hand when you’re making those fun decisions.

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2021 Local Quilt Shop Winners

We are so excited to announce this winners of this year's Local Quilt Shop Contest! Thank you to everyone who voted and who participated in this overflowing amount of support and love directed at local quilt shops around the world!

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January 2021 Photo Contest Winners

Get inspired by looking at our top-voted winners' photos in January's photo contest! When are you submitting your project photos?

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December 2020 Photo Contest

See our last photo submission winners from 2020 and get inspired to sew by makers like yourself!

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Happy New Year - 2021

Happy New Year from the Team! Watch our fun video where we welcome you into 2021 with a poem that one of our team member's, Osman, wrote!

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November 2020 Photo Contest Winners

We had a beautiful bounty of photo submissions last month! Let us know in the comments what your favorite was, or give some warm words of encouragement to our winners!

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November 2020 Photo Contest Winners Pt. 2

Looking to read the full experience for November's Storyteller Award? This is the place! Plus we have an extra Honorable Mention from Lynne H. who submitted a ByAnnie poem with her beautiful Take A Stand projects :)

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"Just My Type" Blog Hop 2020

We know you'll be inspired to create after you see these beautiful fabrics by Tammy Silvers for Island Batik! Let us know in the comments what your favorite fabric in her line is, or what you'd love to sew using those fabrics!

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