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Spotlight: Lightweight Mesh

With summer in full swing, it's the perfect time for lightweight mesh! Follow along as we go over some of our favorite uses for mesh this season!

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Introducing: Take A Stand

Get excited about our NEW pattern, Take A Stand! This pattern is great for organizing tools and supplies, fabric, patterns, an iron or even a small sewing machine. You'll love how convenient it will be to carry your necessities to class or retreat!

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Introducing: Running With Scissors

Get excited about our NEW pattern, Running With Scissors! This pattern provides the perfect protection and storage for your tools, whether you're busy in your sewing room or on your way to a class or retreat!

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How To Photograph Your Project

Discover tips and tricks for the best ways to show off your creative project!

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Matching Fabric

Want some expert tips on how to make your next project look stunning? Follow along as we explore the ins and outs of fabric selection, matching & coordinating colors, and so much more!

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Australia - Summer, 2018

We love getting the chance to connect with customers and shop owners from all over the world. This June & July, Annie is partnering with several shops in Australia for in-person meet & greets and workshops! Come read all about our fantastic friends down under!

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Upcoming Events - June 2018

Enjoy the sewing community as you discover fun events hosted by Quilt Guilds and shops across the nation!

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All About Thread

One of the many things we've learned over the years, is that not all thread is created equal! Come find out some important things you need to know that will make your projects better and easier!

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Zippers are Easy!

Feeling nervous about sewing with zippers? Don't be! We're here to share a bit of our knowledge and experience, so you’ll be just as excited about sewing with zippers as we are! Come get answers to frequently asked questions and watch Annie's tutorial video!

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Machine Maintenance and Setup

It's easy to get lost in the excitement of starting a new sewing project, but with a few small tweaks and adjustments before you begin, you'll have a lot more success -- and FUN! Come find out ways to set up a great sewing space and how to keep your machine running smoothly!

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How to Use ByAnnie's Website

Using a new website can be daunting, but we want to make it easier! Watch the tutorial provided in this blog to get a more comfortable handle on how to register on our website, purchase a free pattern, navigate your personal ByAnnie library, and more.

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Introducing: Ruler Wrap

Get excited about our NEW pattern, Ruler Wrap! This pattern provides the perfect protection for your precious rulers as you go about your busy and creative day!

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