Fusible Thread Videos

Charlotte's Fusible Web fusible thread

115 yds

100% Nylon

Fuses without the stiffness of adhesive web.

Great alternative for fusible applique, especially when multiple layers are involved.

Bobbin use directions: Wind bobbin as usual. Use a fine thread such as MonoPoly or The Bottom Line in the needle. Shorten stitch length.

Needle use directions: Use a Superior Topstitch 100/16 needle. Loosen upper tension until stitch is even. Avoid last thread guide before needle. Shorten stitch length.

Fusing directions: Use hottest iron temperature setting suitable for fabric being fused. Apply iron for 10 seconds. Allow fabric to cool before handling.


Fusible Thread Part 1

Fusible Thread Part 2: Finishing The Edge

Fusible Thread Samples Part 1

Fusible Thread Samples Part 2

Texture Magic and Fusible Thread Part 1

Texture Magic & Fusible Thread Part 2

Winding Fusible Thread on a Bobbin