ByAnnie's Annual #SewPINK Initiative™

Breast Cancer Awareness Month (Go To 2019 Blog Hop Calendar)

Nearly 70% of the ByAnnie community - our customers, staff, and friends - are within the highest risk factor for breast cancer. Not only that, 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Many members of our ByAnnie family have witnessed their loved ones endure countless treatments and make painful goodbyes.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM), and is proud to join the cause of awareness with the #SewPINK™ initiative. Raising awareness can be fun and substantial, that is why each year we will host a blog hop featuring celebrity bloggers from the global sewing community. We are raising awareness to support the millions of families, friends, and loved ones in their breast cancer journey.

Along with raising awareness, ByAnnie is committed to raising money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

We will be donating 30% of profits on all PINK products, such as zippers, mesh, and more from the online store to BCRF.

This is a wonderful opportunity for the sewing community to engage with one another AND have fun! Show your support by including pink items in your projects and share on social media with the #SewPINK™ hashtag.

You can catch up on the different BCAM projects of #SewPINK2019, and learn more about the disease and the many ways you can help.

Knowledge is power! The more we learn about breast cancer, the more we should share with our loved ones. The most important thing we can do with the #SewPINK™ initiative is to get as many people involved as we can to help raise awareness.

Daily Social Media Prizes

To reward those that help promote awareness, ByAnnie will give one $15 coupon each day (M-F, we need weekends, too). Winners will be announced each day by 4PM Mountain Time.

Whether it's a personal story or a project relating to breast cancer awareness, we want to see your creativity in action! If you want ideas, our celebrity bloggers have a variety of fun projects coming out this month during the blog hop.

Rules to enter via Instagram/Facebook/Twitter:

1) Create a new post or share an existing post that relates to breast cancer awareness.  

2) Tag @PatternsByAnnie and use the #SewPINK™ hashtag!

3) Follow us on Instagram or Facebook... You MUST be following us for your entry to count.

Featured Blogger Prizes

Many of our 2019 celebrity bloggers offered fun prizes, free patterns, and more to the readers!

Be sure to follow along closely each year to see what the bloggers offer, and how you can win!

Find the 2019 blog hop schedule here.

#SewPINK™ Weekly Feature

Who is making a difference? We are going to pick one post each week that really catches our eye and raises awareness.

See it featured in our weekly (each Wednesday) email and social media stories.

Get inspired by creative people like yourself!

As a special thank you, featured posts will win combinations of fabric bundles, ByAnnie patterns, and a ByAnnie Stiletto & Pressing Tools!

Please be sure to meet the rules of the Daily Prize to be eligible.

This month we will donate 30% on all PINK products in our online store to the BCRF.

  • Zippers (Lipstick-Raspberry-Crazy Plum-Wild Plum-Pale Pink)
  • Mesh Fabric
  • Quick Turn Fabric Tube Turner
  • Protect and Grip Thimble, medium size
  • Seam Fix Seam Ripper
  • Add-A-Quarter Ruler
  • Topstitch Needles #90/14
  • Tickled Pink Pattern
  • Fold Over Elastic (Lipstick)

Together we can make a difference

If you have any questions, please contact us at