Happy New Year - 2021

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Happy New Year - 2021

Thanks for joining us on our 2020 adventure, we loved seeing your boundless creativity. Our staff got together to read you a poem that one of our team members, Osman, wrote. We hope it brings you a smile!

To all of you…

To all those that found something to do.

We are here to show you something new.

We know this year was no Picnic in the Park

But the Treasures and Trinkets you made are a work of art.

They show that even though you could not go Out and About,

You decided to not just sit around and pout.

They show that even though the world was astray,

You made your home A Place for Everything (2.0) you need to get through the day

They show that even when 2020 tried to pull you down,

You were able to Take a Stand and turn this year around.

They show that when everything seemed dark and bleak,

You were able to Glo and Go and make what you seek.

They show that even we were all In the Mix of a mess,

You were able to keep your world In Control and beat 2020’s test.

The patterns you made are more than just that,

Much more than just simply a bag,

Or a stitch or two or just something to sew,

They serve as trophies with a story to know.

They're not just something that you quilted and cut,

They are the proof that you never gave up,

So when you look at what you made we hope it reminds

That you made it through these dark times.

And when is seems like everything is going wrong,

Remember that ByAnnie is there to help you carry on!

Now as the end of 2020 draws near,

We want you to prepare yourself for the next year,

And Just In Case you didn’t know,

The staff at ByAnnie is proud to have helped you sew,

So no matter what 2021 has in store,

Know that ByAnnie has Got Your Back for the whole tour.

The only thing we have left to say,

Is that we're glad we gave you something to fill your day.

And thank you for showing us how to persevere,

Show us how to do it again with a happy new year.

Happy New Year!

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