Online Classes

Would you like to take a class with Annie? Annie loves to teach and is available as a speaker/teacher for guilds and stores. Click here for more information. Be sure to check out our calendar for upcoming classes in your area.

Discover our classes on Bluprint, you'll enjoy being able to sew along with Annie step-by-step.

We've also produced a variety of free online tutorials that walk you through the processes of installing zippers or how to 'Make a Simple Project' (includes a how-to on binding).

Want Annie to teach you how to sew one of our FREE PDF patterns from start to finish? Check out the FREE PDF pattern Add-On Videos™ below.

Not all Add-on Videos are free. If you purchased a paper pattern, it will likely come with a coupon that covers the cost of the accompanying Add-On Video. FREE PDF patterns have FREE Add-on Videos. More information below.

All About Add-on Videos™

Available for a select number of patterns, Add-on Videos™ support specific parts of our ByAnnie patterns and help you learn our best techniques. They don't replace your pattern, they enhance your sewing experience.

Join the fun and let ByAnnie become your sewing partner.

Note: If you are buying the paper version of a pattern that has an Add-on Video™, you are likely to get a coupon for the value of the Add-on Video™. You can verify this by reviewing description of the pattern you are buying. If the description indicates that a coupon is included, we recommend waiting until your pattern arrives by mail and then coming back to the website to purchase your Add-on Video™.

If you are buying a PDF version (only available on limited number of patterns) or if you bought your pattern prior to the introduction of Add-on Videos™, you will need to purchase the Add-on Video™.

Video and digital content is only available when logged in and connected to the internet. It is not available on CD or DVD.